Grow Update #10 (Day 59) White Gold from Seeds | Flowering (Day 28)

3 months ago

I have changed the lighting filter of the camera, now the colors look more real.




I hope you enjoyed the impressions of my grow.


#grow #indoor #cannabis #hibryd #strains

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You definitely have a hand for weed mate!!!well done!!! they look amazing, close to perfect, since nutrients tend to accumulate I would advise you that FIRST watering in 5th/6th and 7th week to be done with just ph balanced water, your other waterings mix her to whatever strength you use, this will allow the plant to take the full strength of what you are giving her ;-)

That second image looks pro, like something you would see on a seed website! Great looking grow.

What a fantastic color! I love this one


second that.

Those buds look good already! Pistils soon to color and turn?


Thank you, but I do not understand your question.


Pistils are the white hairs in the nug which turn orange/brown (fox tails?).

I agree with other comments that second one is a killer image

I hope you enjoyed the impressions of my grow.

Of course. Looks amazing!

They're looking great