Feeding Time - Bigger and Budding

9 months ago

Feeding Time - Bigger and Budding

Buds forming on all the tops now

It's going to get stinky

They're growing rapidly, over a foot taller now

Any taller and I may have to clip the tops before it's done

It's starting to smell really good.

Just a few more weeks and I should have some really nice buds.

In Canada if you are 19 years of age and older you can
legally grow up to 4 plants for personal use per residence

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Sorry, eh


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A very healthy grow. Making life greener and happier.

The harvest is near... Beautiful plants they are, really sexy and smoking hot.

looking very healthy mate!!! that tall mama is one big plant ;-)

Oh damn bro, those are looking so good.

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Beauty :D

Question, what's the purpose of the screen if you're not scrogging?