Week 5 of Blazin Skywalker ~ Got the next female

7 months ago

I'm with another update of Blazin Skywalker, week 5 came to an end today. I was greatly worried about the females, whether or not I will get the next this week.

thumbnail_Day 29 1.jpg

I also had a very busy couple of days this week because of my OCD tendencies and was obsessive following the preflower growth location. On day 29, inquiring about them started to get another female for Leia below;

thumbnail_Day 29 2.jpg

On day 30, After much anticipating, I got my next female, the female #2 and transplanted it onto a 3 gal pot Rain science grow bag.

thumbnail_Day 30 female 2.jpg

thumbnail_Day 30 roots 1.jpg

thumbnail_Day 30 roots.jpg

The roots on day 30

thumbnail_Day 31 watering.jpg

The two females on Rain science grow bag received a healthy watering with 6.5 pH

thumbnail_Day 35 22.jpg

Like the rest of the two can't be ignored after all waiting for them to turn to female. Yesterday, watered all with the same 6.5pH water on day 35.

thumbnail_Green buzz.jpg

The females tasted the Green buzz with water. 4 ml of each three into 1 gal of water.

I heard that it takes 6 weeks in some cases and will wait a week more. If not the males are going directly to the pit. Hope is alive though!

blazin walker smoke.io banner.jpg

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Those roots are insane... day 30!! I am so eager to see what the roots are like on my first lady!
Good pics & girls looking well 😎

Good pictures and good growing!! Upvote and resmoke!!