Week 4 of Blazin Skywalker

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8 months ago

Hello from the mainline,

This is Blazin walker with the recent updates of week 4 Blazin'Skywalker from my indoor grow.

I was not at home for a couple of days and came home with something to celebrate. I got my first female, female #1. With the help of my daughter, we name her Leia.

On day 28, we transplanted Leia into a 3 gal Rain science grow bag.

bw 28 1.jpg

bw 28 2.jpg

bw 28 3.jpg

The transplanting thing does suit me and was content not to discover a full root bound baby.

bw 28 4.jpg

bw 28 5.jpg

I normally use 8 gal hydro bucket, and never had the luck to grow in the captivity of 3 gal pot before.

I also used multiple topping techniques like topping her down to the 4th node and at the 5th node.

bw 28 6.jpg

I want another female to compare the grow styles. The week 5 update will be very soon :)

Blaze the sky with the smoke!

blazin walker smoke.io banner.jpg

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Amazing grow! The other girl will follow I hope 🎃


Thanks! Hope so.

Awesome update. Nice one at getting a female that's always a great sign.


Thanks! Hope to get some more.

Nice setup! Those roots look perfect for transplantation!


I was happy to see them as I expected during the tour.

Awesome grow! It’s my first time, hoping things go ok🤞