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5 months ago

Hello from the mainline,

This is Blazin walker, a cannabis cultivator, a chef, and a mom of two handsome sons and a lovely daughter. I'm sorry I won't be able to share their happy moments with you.

Although, I can share some grow updates on my first post here, yes the strain that I'm growing on lately called Blazin'Skywalker.

Before going to there let me share my medicated choco-chip Banana mini-muffins, that's the kind of breakfast I do mostly.

bw 427347.jpg

If you have ever tried this, then you have known by now that this is heaven.

Day 15

On week 3 Veg mode, growing four girls in a pot size of 3.79 L.

day 15 3.jpg

day 15 2.jpg

day 15 4.jpg

Day 17

Looks like the spots have abrupted the growth on this little plant. This is growing under Calight work solar system 550 LED.

day 17 2.jpg

day 17 3.jpg

day 17 5.jpg

day 17 6.jpg

Day 18

To push the growth of the lower nodes to the lights, I needed to do some leaf tucking and for now, 1 of the girl is undergoing a horizontal growth.

Day 18 1.jpg

Day 18 6.jpg

Leaf tucking was a mighty challenge, I did give a good shot on not to ruin the leaf tucking under the fans.

Day 18 6.jpg

Blazin'Skywalker growing on Day 18 now, week 3 veg mode.

Note: This post has been previously posted on . I want to post this before posting any further post in here.

Blaze the sky with smoke!

blazin walker banner.jpg

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Welcome to the Smoke community!


Thank you, It's a pleasure to be where you belong.


Great intro post and I would totally be down for that breakfast. Every day. Buffet style even. :D

Welcome to the Smoke platform!

welcome 💚



Hi, @blazinwalker! Welcome to smoke! :)


TQ! @z3II .. After a much of waiting for my sp

A high welcome to the best cannabis community!

Welcome to!

Welcome bro!

Welcoming to the community

Welcome Chef :)

Welcome... These are looking killer love the bush. They show signs on being quite the indica Dom