Grower's Throwback - Handling the first mainline

2 months ago

bw 4.jpg

A short throwback friday, recalling the time when I tried my hand for the very first time at mainlining.

bw 1.jpg

I yet do not know what this strain is called but the plant was FF3, a fast flowering photoperiod tester by Fast bud-genetics. The product of this lived out to my expectations in the end.

bw 2.jpg

Talking about mainlining, this one topped at third node and was mainlined out from there. Got to see a strong and healthy result this whole time and I think she was the perfect suitor to be experimented with the first very mainline.

Also you may noticed that the tents does look big enough for two auto flower plant but the time this was taken, the rest of them were already been harvested.

How badly I'm missing the flowering days in my tent house that I could help myself but to post one from past experiences. Hopefully, the days are really near to the horizon.

Stay trippy, stay happy!

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Nice job and cool AF pics:D

Nice pictures....dope

Impressive pictures 😊💚

That's some great stuff u had there