End of week 6 ~ Welcome Maz!

4 months ago

Prepared the ladies with LST, this week I name this another female 'Maz'.

bw leia.jpg

Something new followed this week and I let these plants grow on their own, naturally. I've never done this and plants had always some sort of training, funny sometimes.


LST and more lights presented for the branches to open.

Cleared some popcorn buds that were hidden from the light, and anchor points were created surrounding the grow bags with the help of toothpicks.

BW 5.jpg

BW 3.jpg

Now both Maz and Leia are happy that sufficient lights are provided on their branches. The leaves were also a problem avoiding the light, for that we did a little lea tucking and found our mutual place.

BW 4.jpg

Now as Maz had been overwatered I think some gap will be maintained, I hope this will be right.

All Blazin skywalker, gained a height of 7.16 cm in this 7 days.

Thanking you all growmies for hanging on here!

#gardening #growmies #lst #cannabis

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Nice looking. The second one is a heavy indica for sure. Got to love them little white hairs poking through


Thanks for liking Leia, she is bomb.

Your stuff are good looking.


Thanks for your kind comment 😊