Checking on Leia on week 9

4 months ago

Growing four Blazin Skywalker's.

Leia seems unhappy ever since I topped her. I somehow expected that this late topping would cost my girls and here it goes now.

Leia and Maz.jpg

There is a pale color and her leaves are appearing more on the droopy side compared to Maz.


As for my first soil run, got some suggestions from old grower friends. On all fronts, I think it was right, the girl might be hungry.

Feed her with 3 ml of grow nutes with 1 litre being proactive and not to overwater her as I had watered her along with all two days prior.

Family 1.jpg


Let's see how she turns out by the end of the week.

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Coming along well 👍

very compact and fluffy

Looks watered too much after/right before topping. She would be happier in drier soil as to reach out more to have to get it. Working for it was what she wants during recovery but she is sitting in soil too wet for her liking.


Luckily, she's fine now :)