Blazin Skywalker Week 7 grow

4 months ago

This week no new strains were found but all the care and affection was shown to Maz and Leia. Both the strain is Blazin Skywalker.

Gave a heavy dose of defoliation to both Maz and Leia adding a tiny branch stripping.

Maz post Defoliation

Maz post defoliation.jpg

Leia post Defoliation

Leia PD.jpg

I normally remove the inner bud sites that were not supposed to receive any light. This can help the plant not to waste their energies on buds that will alone be larfy popcorn buds.


Both the sisters

Thanking all growmies for lookin!

blazin walker banner.jpg

#defoliation #lst #growtechnique #cannabis

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fancy looking canvas pots. What kind are they and do you like them?

These are looking killer still. The top one is my favorite nfor sure.

Hope you get a chance to start a tetrapak grow

Amazing stuff you have. Please keep on sharing.


Of course, I will. Thank you!