Blazin Skywalker Grow week 8

4 months ago

Last week I decapitated Leia and was happy to see the results when I removed her first node branches, followed by a few cuttings and got her cleaned.

BW family.jpg

Leia on pre topping in here
Leia pre topping.jpg

Maz was not left out and got smooth defoliation along with a hint of branch stripping.

Maz on pretopping.jpg

Leia after topping (10).jpg

I loved that the process was short, also faced little problems on distributing light amongst the inner buds sites. A couple of cutting was done from Maz too.

Being not an expert in growing can be a happy experience, with that it sometimes feels that you'd avoid little mistakes if I was a bit old to this. The mistakes I did with topping, or at least that's I feel I was a bit late on it.


My daughter checking on Leia..

Whole family at the end of week 8.jpg

Nevertheless, Maz is ready for flowering and Leia hardly needs a week more.

The grow has been a real fun :)

Thanking all growmies for lookin!

blazin walker banner.jpg

#cannabis #gardening #weed #defoliation

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Looks good! Great grow!

It is indeed beautiful you know,little baby came checking 😃.its a beautiful picture and message.nice grows

You have lots of good stuff to use with.

cool grow, keep us posted! :)


Ty, why not ☺