My latest build project, I introduce myself and a pc grow box give away soon!

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3 months ago

Hello smokers, I am happy to share my first youtube video today were I for the first time officially introduce myself, show off my latest project and announce my plans to do a covert grow box give away here on

For those of you who have not yet seen one of my custom pc grow cases here is a quick vid. Basically this is the exact unit I will be giving away :-)

As always thanks for reading...... errr watching lol! I am looking forward to all your comments and feedback.

PS. don't forget to follow me for more video's, tutorials and most importantly the up and coining give away!

Cheerz @bitmnter

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Very cool!


@writer43 thank you much appreciated!

Beautiful stealth growboxes.


Thank You!

Fascinating! I love the DIY approach and this is a superb, utterly delightful invention/innovation of yours. The lights providing full spectrum are a standout feature. I wonder how many plants this 'veg tent' can hold. Thanks for sharing. Resmoked and looking forward to more 🔆.


Hi @barge thanks for the kind words and great question. Basically this specific unit will have two plants in it. Normally for novice growers I would recommend start with a single plant and SOG or SCROG.

The nice thing about a fridge lining is that you can simply screw in eye hooks wherever you want. Then thread some string to make a grid for your SCROG. Works great because harvest time you can just cut the string to remove the plants.

But to answer your question in more detail, it's possible to grow up to 4 small plants to flower comfortably ( Royal Dwarf For Example). With saying that a customer of mine had 16 clones in a single fridge with the fridge glass shelving in place. Younger clones at the bottom moving them up a shelf every few days as the roots take.

So basically the number of plants in any space will be directly proportional to your requirements.



Incredible stuff! I'd imagined it to be only for the veg stage but I see what you mean about growing dwarf plants all the way to flower! I guess you could also use 'extra tall' towers to get more height (although that becomes more conspicuous).

Regardless, it's really fascinating to see skills put to such creative and excellent use - it's inspiring and it sets a great example. Thanks again!


Thank you!

I hope we see posting your 100th too :)


Hahaha thanks @razeiv, I took the leap so I guess I am half way there!