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10 months ago

Cabernet F1

This is a strain created by a founder of our group .

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Smoke Review : Broke up the nugs and my fingers reak of fresh squished white grapes. Like bringing your nose up to a bottle of white grape juice. Smoke is elevating, have a real nice head high. Didn't over indulge, but im betting it would be sedating. Taste I can't quite describe, there's alot going on.. Overall a very solid smoke.

Most of our members grow using a similar method .
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Since I love wine I can appreciate this strain! I’m surprised there is not more strains named after wine! Cannabis and wine, 2 of some of the most pleasurable intoxicants on this planet. I wonder if there is other worlds, which most likely there is, do they have anything close to what we have here on earth? Even out poppy is something to rave about!!

That 4th image 🤤


Isnt it Beautiful
Thats an autopot grow by one of our members !
Amazing to see an AutoFlower blow up like this with nice yields .
This has also got to be one of my favorite strains to smoke . The pictures are GREAT but the smoke is just above and beyond what the images show.


Dam that is a sexy auto. Not many get to look that good. Atleast not when I grew them 🤣🤣🤣 I like my photos they can take a bit more abuse 😂🤣


Alot of our members run Autos , more so then Photos . They overall generally out yield photos by the end of the year if ya run them right .
And alot of them tuck Autos inbetween when photos are flowering too

There are alot of die hards that argue different , but they just torture there plants from day 1 .


I know a lot people hate autos and that they are "subpar" flower but I bet half the at weed is auto to get quick turn arounds


Yeah, I run autos with my veg and right now finishing one in my flower tent. Was slow so wanted to flip so she gets 12/12 and it is my best auto so far 🤣

Awesome post you brother hehe

Damn those are some good looking ladies! :) A-1 quality for sure!

Planting weeds is an offence in my hood but the boys can never be deterred. The laws are meant for the dumbass, we know how to sort out our needs.


If we all listened to the laws , there wouldnt be enough weed to go around .
Spread the Beans , Spread the Love , Open peoples minds


Lmaooooo, who cared about the wonky laws.