Unknown Bag Seed Update

last year

I'm pretty excited about this one. Months ago I planted an unknown bag seed. Have no idea what it is was just starting something until my seeds order came in. I place this plant in my some tent and tried to flower it. I thought it was a male and wasn't trying to have that in my grow room. I was wrong it's not a male. What I thought was male balls forming were just new branches coming in. I place it outside to let it fight the cold. This morning I go outside to check on the buckets of rain water I'm collecting and notice the white pistils on this beauty.

So once I'm ready to flower the solo cups in the tent I may bring this one back inside to finish out the flowering.

Also thinking of changing my name to Batmarley after I get my dreadlocks lol.

As always check out @canna-curate

#seeds #canna-curate #caligrown

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Watch bringing it back in, Make sure you don't bring any bugs with it.


Was just thinking that too lol

Looks good for now...nice surprise, wasn't it?

What a beauty for a bag seed!