The autos finally autoed

last year

Last post I did about my #autoflower tent I mentioned nothing started to flower yet. They were suppose to start showing preflowers at two weeks. I thought maybe my timing was off which is why I really need to start a grow journal.

Checking on the plants today I notice the new seedings I added about two weeks started showing pre flowers. Maybe they encouraged the others to preflower cause now all but the cbd's autoflowers have started preflowering. They're all stretching pretty good. But I'm okay with that cause now it looks like I'll be harvesting late February or early March for sure now.

Lemon Juice Express

Amnesia Haze

Wipeout Express

Speedy Gonzales

Lemon Potion CBD #2

Lemon Potion CBD #1

So far all the plants are doing great. The cbd had a little problem I believe it was wind burn since they were the closest to the tower fan. After turning the fan off they seem to be recovering great.

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Nice man these are all starting to come along nicely. That last cbd auto cut that few leafs off that are hurt so it don't focus on fixing them.


This is the only thing that cought my attention as well.


Yeah they all look super healthly besides that


Thanks for the advice will do it right now


No problem,

Nice rebound with this grow. That lemon juice is looking awesome!


Thank you I'm willing to share if you want some lol

Great work! Keep those original post coming here and on Steem.

Ugh... Every time I say to myself, "maybe I can grow a plant" I see how difficult it looks and I just know I can't. It's not cheap to set up a grow area I imagine.. Great post. Great Pictures!


Dude don't let this discourage you. Anyone can grow a plant, but it is a responsibility and learning curve. If you have the will and you really want it you will do it. There are not as many expenses as you think, in total, you would need around 200-500$ depending on the size and quality of equipment. Everything is cheap on eBay or AliExpress.
And to add I'm sure all smoke community will help you and guide you through the process. Well, that is why we are here.
Just get the seed pop it in the soil and you will be infected with green fever my dear. Just do it!


Maybe while i hang around through the next year, ill familiaroze my self more with processes and whst the equipment looks like. Then maybe its some thing i ckuld tackle and it nit seem so overwhelming. I appreciate you feedback no problem.

Cannot wait to see how the scrog will work out for you; setup looks very good and promising. Im planning something simillar for my next run so Im glued to the screen.

I love CBD strains! I like. feminised or regular cbd seeds. though cause then I can make clones.


Same here just no room and no planning for this grow.

Where's the Kush @batmankush? lol


Lol its coming side project.