Solo Cup Challenge

last year

So I saw on @canna-curate there's a solo cup challenge. I've personal been wondering if a cannabis plant could truly grow in one without root bond etc. One of the rules are no autos which is what I've been growing but I did order some feminized seeds which I will be using for this grow. Also went to the grow store to pick somethings up and try out some nutients made by someone here in Nor Cali.

Here's my entry to the challenge. #canna-curate #solocup

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Nice dark seeds to start with.

Im going to drop some landrace regular seeds in water tonight so I can start too.. Haven't got my cups yet but also intrigued by this challenge.

Ive tried to grow small plants before but find when the roots hit the sides the plant normally goes into a little bit of shock and struggles to grow.


What if you cut holes in the cups like smart pot? Thisnis what I was going to try and do


and let the roots hang in circulating nutrient water? :')

Sure that would be cheating quite a bit... hhaha


No cut little holes that when roots hit sides they die

Good luck with you challenge mate, bong on bro. :-)

  ·  last year

Awesome brother! Great posts!