Solo Cup #3

last year

Almost two weeks since my last update. This plant for the #solocup challenge with @canna-curate is doing amazing. The leaves are looking huge showing signs of it being an indica.

She's close to one foot tall now. Loving the stucture. Sure if my light was closer it would've been a shorter plant. I will be cloning this strain out in future grows.

As always check out @canna-curate and @hashkings

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Your plant is looking fantastic mate, if you are not in the lead you can't be far behind the lead. Thanks for the update, bong on bro. :-)

Maybe the healthiest looking solo cup I've seen.

Wow... it’s doing great. I think I might have a tiny flower starting on mine.

I think it's a good looking plant. We're you trying to keep it short on purpose?


I have a small tent and i know itll double in save. I love short bushy plants for that

Looks good and healthy for now. Hope it stays that way.

Aren't your roots circling yet?


Im sure they are by now lol

Good plants.

Damn! Everyone’s solo is looking fantastic! Except mine, lol Good job man

Beautiful fans leaves, she's looking healthy!

Thats a healthy looking plant in a tiny pot. Or cup I should say

That is very impressive indeed!