Solo Cup #2

2 years ago

Been pretty busy to the point where my sleep has been off. Maybe moving the family up to Oregon so haven't been able to as constant as before. Here's my #solocup she's ready to start in flower but I'm giving her about three more weeks just in case we do move. I'll be taking a picture with her in front of the sign for Weed,Ca.

As always check out @canna-curate and @hashkings

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Damn looking great! Mine has a bad cal/mag deficiency. I just foilord spray, hope it helps.

Wow mate she's looking awesome, you're doing a great job, bong on bro. :-)

Nice man this is starting to look dam nice.

Looks nice and clean

Brother and why haven't you transplanted it into a bigger pot?


Check out @canna-curate it has to grow in a solo cup