Solo Cup

last year

This young lady is doing pretty good. If I wasn't waiting on the other ones I would start the flower phase. Not much to report I may have stunt the growth on my young plants giving them to much to eat and not the right stuff to eat. This is what happens when you don't plan things out. I will be doing better planning next grow which should be this spring.

The discolor is most likely from not putting in calmag in water. I had another plant do the same thing. @lethal sent me a chart. He was very helpful I have more room in my tent and will be upgrading to a better light soon.

#solocup #contest #canna-curate

As always check out @canna-curate for some awesomeness

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Nice one, good entry 👍

Looking great.... I will provide an update on mine later today.

hey man the seed is doing very good!! looking powerful

she is beautiful, take care of her very well

Oh it's a girl, that's lovely


you cant say at feminized seeds its 100% a lady woman!;)

Nice one!!! looking forward to seeing her grow, good luck with the contest

Nice job Batman Solo!