New Year Update

last year

My main tent is looking lovely. I don't see the picture in the preview but hopefully it shows up. Things were moving slow like everything was in shocked or something. There was problem left and right. Than one day I went to check on the babies and they all had an over night growth sprout. A first I was thinking I had room to add some many plants. Now I'm thinking I may not have enough room. I stay a grower on Instagram that runs a website call grow easy I think and she's using the same size tent I'm using but had 8 plants in 2 gallon pots under a 315 lec grow light. I'm currently using a 300 watt mars hydro led and planning to add either another 300 watt led or move up to 700 or 900 watt led. Not sure yet funds still aren't that great. Thinking this year I will upgrade my grow light and put the 300 watt in the smaller tent. Still testing and planning I call this my research and development phase.

These to photos are two different plants but same strains. They're the smallest plants even compare to the two new seedlings I added recently. They're the cbd plants I was telling @indica about. I never grow any plant that was full or mostly cbd so I'm not sure if it's normal or not for them to grow slow and small. Both are about 6-7 weeks old.

This is the wipeout express #autoflower that is a new addition. Along with the other this plant just boomed in growth. It's weeks younger than the others and seems like it caught up.

This is the lemon juice express autoflower which is the same age of the wipeout. They're both about 3 weeks old.

The speedy gonzale which is about 6 weeks old. No sign of sex yet. They're autoflowers so there should be no need to change the lighting. I should see something soon with the new growth. Gives me time to train them.

This one is the amnesia which is also 6 weeks old and the tallest plant in the tent. I'll be using a plant tie to pin this one down. Along with the speedy gonzale it's an sativa strain so I'm expecting it to get tall.

Hopefully all the photos show up. I'm not sure why I'm seeing triangles in the previews. Check out @canna-curate and the #solocupchallenge

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Seems like this is going to be a good year concerning how it started. Nice update.


Will be the best year ever

it's not just you, everyone I talked to and including myself, said they are running into seedlings that just are so slow to start - just keep trying


They just started showing preflowers

Happy new year! Nice set-up you've got there! Try to lower the light, 20-30cm from the canopy is the optimum with LEDs. If you want to have enough room for six plants, don't train them to much, let them grow up. If you want to make a SOG, three plants should be enough. And 300W of LED light is largely enough for a square meter, unless you want to add CO2 ;)


Thank you advice