New Additions Autoflower Batch #3

last year

I don't really post everyday or as I much as I like but I love coming on everyday seeing all the different grow styles. If anyone is using a cob grow light can you let me know what you think about them I swear the grow equipment changes more often than I can keep up. I really wanted to max out my grow tent since this may be my last grow until I move so I decided to add two more #autoflowers which are indicas.

#wipeoutexpress and #lemonjuiceexpress

I figure they both was express and I already have a lemon potion cbd growing so why not. My process that I feel works for me is to put the seeds in a shot glass for 24 hours and hope they sink to the bottom.

If I don't see a tap root after 24 hours I place them in paper towels and a sandwich bag. Every 24 hours I check on them and see if there's a tap root.

Once I see a tap root I place them in dirt pods and wait for them to sprout.

Once they sprout I place them on top of their new homes but I don't bury them yet because I know they'll stretch and I hate that. I like my plants to be bushy which is why I like indicas so much. I started using clear cups after seeing someone else do it but never really knew what it was for. I found out recently it stops these dirt pucks from drying out so fast and keeps it humid for the babies. I had problems with a few bag seed plants and wasn't quite sure what the problem was. My PH, maybe my crappy tap water, nute burn or even too much neem oil.

I went to the local food store and grabbed some distilled water and spring water. I may pop some more seeds and bring out the small dwc kit. My light went out in other tent and I'm looking into buying a new grow light but not sure if I'm going cfl, led or cob.

After letting the bag seed plant dry out I added some 6.9 PH water to it and now there's new growth. I'm not really sure if the light is too close but there's no gaps between the nodes. It almost looks like it's flowering but it's not an autoflower and light is 20 hours on 4 hours off. No sign of sex either. Let me know what you think.

Sorry the photos aren't very clear I used my crappy metro cell phone lol. I've been working on logos and merchandise for the #cannabiscommunity I will be giving them out for free very soon. It'll be a batman related #contest of some sort.


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hey you should give a look on your substrate!
i think in the soil is jam wettness and too much fertilizerz or not correct PH value...
which tmeperature do you have between lights and plant?
is the ventelation direct to a plant?? this is stressing the plant!!! the ventelation should go at first against a tente wall befor the plant gets ventelation! no direct ventelation!!
you need to set up PH value at 5.8 - 6.2 !!
if you want that the plant shows gender you can change time from 20/4 the next two days on 18/6 next two days 16/8 next two days 14/10 and till the end of grow on 12/12
you shownig the plant wnter is comming so they hurry up
indoor autoflower is this the way i do... it could also that is to cold or to warm for plants you need to set up temperature ideal between 18-24 degree
more than 30 degrees is much stress...
you should take minimum 0f 250 watts for led!!!
have a nice day! and look on jaw wetness
exhaust air and to-air is also important!
have a nice day keep on working!!


thank you for the reply will checking my notes and making some rearrangements.


my favorite substrate is coco :))

Why do you use distilled water?? It's too acidic and there's no oxygen in it... And adding pH 6.9??

Just buy pH meter, something to regulate pH (pH down, lemon kick etc...) and use tap water. Set you pH closest to 6.0.
But before that, get some FloraKleen and flush them properly.

Your plants are experiencing nutrient deficiency due to nutrient lockout cos of wrong pH. And maybe some root problems.

I'm no grow expert but I think it's useless to use distilled water. Only a few plants have a need for them like the venusnfly trap. Regularnoldntapwater should work.