Harvest Too Early

8 months ago

Jumped the gun on this one. These two plants had a good 2-3 weeks to go but I thought I was moving real soon and cut them down.

This is the amnesia haze autoflower. Stick and steams. Both plants took about a week to completely dry. My light is 300 watts but really uses about 160 watts. I wasn't expecting much but was actully shocked with this plant even with such an early cut.

Even with an early cut down and not much rippen this girl came out completly dry weightng 7 grams.

I currently placed her in small jar. I'll be grinding her for some canna butter. I was also shocked theres not much as a grass like small like some of my other grows. Theres a strong earthly smell but not a hay like smell.

Heres the lemon potion #cbd #autoflower. The top cola looked nice on this. I know it would rippen up real nice. This one is even smaller than amenisa haze.

A whooping 5 grams. But this one smells so much better. I can the lemon in it. It has a sweet smell. Like a weak forbidden fruit smell I love. I'll be rolling this one and smoking it for sure. With better planning I think the weight wouldve been better. Im going to do a planned grow to really see what this light can do before I upgrade it.

As always check out @canna-curate

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Must be something in Gotham's water.

They both look good. Congrats on the success. The jar shot look really good.

Wait a sec... You harvested 12 g off two plants??


Airy buds lol


Why don't just buy it... I mean electricity for two months of growing costs you more than half an ounce of decent weed...


Not in Cali. Theres other plants growing. These two ladies just got cut earlier. $20 usd a month for power vs $360-$420 for an oz


Like Cali is the only place where cannabis grows...

I am not sure if this is the sad or happy part of growing.

Bummer on the Early Cut!

Glad it turned out nice :) Looks pretty frosty. :D

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