Autoflower Tent (Jungle of Arkham)

last year


About a week ago I was worried cause none of my #autoflowers were showing preflowers. A few days later the preflowers appeared. It's been about one week and wow they are going fast. The two youngest are doing the best wish I could clone them or had more seeds.

This is the Lemon Juice Express which is suppose to be indica but it's been growing half an inches to a full inch a day. I have move the net up pretty high so the others could catch up before using a zip-tie. But it's growing too fast. For now I'm bending her under the net I'll have to rearrange the plants.

For now I'm bending her under the net I'll have to rearrange the plants.

This is my favorite one of them all because I love indica and she's showing her traits. It's the wipeout express. One week in flower and three weeks of total age. She already has nine finger leafs growing. I would love to make more seeds of this strain and fill my an outdoor crop of this beauty.

This is a top view of the wipeout express with my hand to show how fat the leafs are.

Here's one of the Lemon Potion cbd autos. It seem to recover compared to the other one but I found of the problem with the other #cbd was PH. I'm going to try another grow with the cbd next grow. I have 5 more seeds left and currently have some growing in cups. Which reminds me I need to post for the solo cup challenge to show the update.

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All looking very healthy. This will be a grow I’m going to keep following. Are you going to top them soon or let grow to the moon sky?


Grow to the moon but hope they stay under 3 feet lol

Nice one your plant are really doing great and looking very beautiful I can say your are really taking good care of them keep it up

Nice plants! Look thriving