Autoflower Batch #1 and #2 Update

last year

First off I'm going to say this is a damn learning experience. I serious thought I would be able to jump back in to growing and everything would be good. If you saw my previous  post I had some problems. My PH was out of wack. The last grow I did was dwc ( deep water culture) hydro which requires a way lower ph than soil. My mind was on auto pilot with so much on it. It never cross my mind that I was adding water with the wrong ph levels. 

Here's all the plants in their glory.

  • 1 Unknown Bag Seed 30 days old
  • 1 Speedy Gonzales 2 weeks old
  • 1 Auto Amnesia 2 weeks old
  • 2 Lemon Potion CBD 1 week 

Here's the unknown bag seed which was turning yellow. After figuring out that PH was way too low which stop certain nutrients from getting to plant I trimmed the lower leaves which was pretty much dead since the plant was eating away at itself. Now it's starting to get it's color and finally seem to be recovering.


This was part of the free seeds I got from ordering. It's suppose to be mostly sativa but the leaves are looking pretty fat like an indica. It's one of the strongest plants in this tent so far.

Amnesia Autoflower

Another one which was free from ordering. This one is also known as Amnesia Haze. Not really what happen with her. She's recovering but looking like a rant. I'm not sure if she had mold on her stem or the ph was the problem. 

Lemon Potion CBD #1

Lemon Potion CBD #2

The first lemon potion cbd is the strongest out of two. This one I'm looking forward to harvesting since I prefer smoking something with a higher cbd  than thc sense I'm sensitive to thc which effect faster and harder than most. I really want to do a scorg in this tent and fill it up but don't want the plants to overtake the tent. I'm thinking about getting square pots and filling the tent up with some indica autoflowers and maybe one more cbd autoflower. Which will mean I'll be putting the bag seed and sativa strains out doors or in some other place. I also want to get another 300 watt led light but don't want to add anymore heat to this small tent. Not sure what to do yet but I will be doing a scorg for sure.

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Good to see you caught it in time and they are starting to recover, they are certainly looking a lot healthier mate. Thanks for sharing your story, bong on bro. :-)


Thank you

Good catch. I was experining the same thing for a long time, but half way in flower. Turns out the nutes I was using was at a 4 ph!! I stopped using them, and my plants improved dramatically. I still got a long ways to go though.


These girls are still babies Im shocked how good theyre doing

Nice looking update, that ph lv suck it did a number in your plant.


Yeah it did. I could feed it with out ph down but was use to 5.5 and 6.0 for hydro