Let's Grow Them Together Update #99

2 months ago

What’s new?" Guys!

This is me artisto aka Smokeman, but actually less passionate about smoking than in growing. I didn't knew about this wonderful platform till I came across it randomly while using smoke.io platform. I had seen many users there who are using this weedcash platform much than smoke.io. I have been using the smoke.io platform since two years and gladly hope I'm not too late to be a member of this great weedcash and hive community.


Got some pictures as my first post here of After og breeded by sumo seeds into it's finishing 4th week from flowering.


I'm saying it as my 99th update only because I love the numbers that I had been running since two years :D





Also, forgive me guys I live in one of a country where very less english is spoken and writing never had been so easy for me haha!
Thanks! ✌
#life #growstrain #cannabis #smokenetwork #weed #flowering

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Your English and writing is very good btw. 👌

I love the artistic nature of the photos

Lovely piece

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