Let's Grow Them Together Update #57

10 months ago

"What’s new?" Guys!

A quick update on all four girls and all thanks to Seedmanseeds.

Some amazing shots of my growing girls on day 24 of flowering.


Front two are Gelat Og and Doctor seedsman


In the back are Brucebanger Fast and Power Africa Mkultra.



The buds look frosty and fillin up quite well.



I'm really enjoying these genetics.



I am keen to come up again with another grow update of mine.

Happy Smoking!
Thanks! ✌
#life #growstrain #cannabis #network

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Looking super frosty 👌

You better come back with more updates until you are no longer to go on a computer 😀

This is beautiful😃,nice grows.would av loved to smoke that when it’s fully cultivated.looks so nice

Incredible! Looks great!

Wow, very nice shots and all you planted were great keep us updated

Excellent looks crop! Some of the frostiest leaves ever!

Just wanna say I think your images are always at a professional level, very well done!