Let's Grow It Together Update #45

5 months ago

"What’s new?" Guys!

A quick update on these sets of girls and all thanks to #seedsmansbreeders and #seedsmanseeds . All growing under HPS 600 w, spectacular dual spectrum.

Sharing with you my four set of girls which I'm into these days (Bruce Banger Fast, Power Africa x MK Ultra fast, Doctor seedsman, Gelat OG)

Artisto may 25.jpg

arts m251.jpg

All are into 29 days old in veg mode

arts m252.jpg

arts m253.jpg

arts m254.jpg

I am keen to come up again with another grow update of pakistan valley which is already in flowering stage.

Happy Smoking!
Thanks! ✌
#life #growstrain

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Very beautiful plants you have here! Are these autos?


No they are not.

The structure on these phenos are top notch. If I where to buy some seeds at the moment, this post has me sold for the company you got these from!

Very fluffy, just beautiful

and let's smoke it together too 🤤😍💚


We will one day 😁

They look so extremely healthy with your proper care, smoke on!