Let's Grow It Together Update #19

last year

"What’s new?" Guys!

A quick update on my girls and growing them using advanced nutrients.

Black Sugar leaves


I found this very interesting of Black sugar cause i see two leaves are stucked to one.


Candida CD1, 1st day on 12/12 done


Squad together (Sbg, C Cd1, BS, AP)


Squad being trained with mosquito net



Strawberry BG two days on 12/12


A request to all great gif makers and experts in this field here in smoke.io, i want to upload them but i just can't, probably the size too high and if i reduce the quality it gets damaged, so any help will be seriously appreciated please!!

I am keen to come up again with another grow update of mine.

Happy Smoking!

Thanks! ✌


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Awesome. That’s the way to do it. #growyourown



Wow, well protected from mosquitoes,, like a baby. That's great.