Harvesting my beauties

7 months ago

Finaly i've found some time to upload a new post

Here is my first attempt to @harvest and trim my medicen... still i made plenty mistakes but this is how we learn after all

Ready to Harvest... Cheese Royal Queen 

Leaning from the waight OG Kush Sensi 

One more ready to come down OG Kush Sensi

Hanged for easyiest trimming

Waiting to dry 24 hours before final trimming OG Kush Sensi

Ready for grooming

Trimmed and MASSIVE FAIL... OG Kush sensi

i still dont know what was wrong with her...was it a male? (imposible otherwise all my garden would be lost) did i cut her to early? maybe...klaps klaps... still i took my time trimming her and make her as beautifull as i could and i made some beatifull extraction that i will post later!

Success... OG Kush sensi

Final Usable OG Kush Sensi

Had some great time smoking my first harvet... there where my most enjoyable joints i ever had.

It debunked in my mind the myth about crazy yields of 500gr, realize that thats almost imposible if you dont do hydro indoor or you live in a place with super sun!!! 

still its a beautifull fealing to wake up and watch your medicen to grow!!!

soon i will upload more 

Smoke one for all off the people how still can't smoke legal





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Nice crop you had, It is always nice to smoke something that you grew and took care of,

That top one is one nice looking plant sucks it streached so much but none the less what was you total yeild?


Total from three plants around 100gr, should be more if the one had survived


That is still not bad. Almost a quarter pound.

I find the nugs very hard to photo since my camera does not know where to focus.... so many interesting sparkly bits. Awesome.


hahahaha thats so true , every time i have to take a picture from every angle just because it focuses everywhere!!!


I use my iPod so I touch the screen where I want the camera to focus but soon as I go to click the photo button it focuses on something else. Seems to only happen with cannabis buds. Really strange.

Wow.... Freaking Awesome. What a Grow. I will Upvote and resmoke in a few minutes. Letting my Smoke Voting Power Recover.....

The OG Kush Sensi looks so yummy.


oh yes it is... so earthy !!!!

From the looks of it, these plants were not ready to harvest. They all had a good 2 or 3 more weeks on em, especially the first plant, that one looks like it had maybe a month to go.

Next time you get one whose top shoots up like that, trim it or get a tall stick to help support it.

This reminds me of my first few grows, the learning process is the best part of the Growing game.

Regardless im sure you enjoyed the fruits of your labor. Its like knowing you grew it is a extra high of its own!!

That tree is like a work of art. The branches all perfectly balanced and shit!


hehehe ... lovely... in Weed We Trust !!!




it's the cheese from Royal Queen. Beautiful creature indeed... still had to come down for a good cause!!!

Rhis looks average for outdoor plant.
Enjoy in the fruit of your work, you deserve it.


I know... I wish I had more sun !! that's why they stretch so much, to go over the fence and reach the sun later the day.

Whoa dude, hold your horses. If only you had waited more... but still, you got something to pass your time while you wait for all your other girls to finish up properly. I would not take it down until the bud is not rock hard, no matter what the seed company said or people on a forum, the bud needs to be hard on touch - so no sponginess. Just feed them properly and they will be big thick and rolling on the floor from their weight. Have you fed them some nutrients?
You have really good potential like 8 ounces per plant or more here if they get enough sun - they look pretty healthy and big.
Good luck dude!


And you are sooooo right. And that was my mistake. Lack of patients... that's what happens when you are an amateur. Never the less... we learn from our mistakes and we try always for new ones


right I have some girls that cant even stand up straight. Ive had to put a light on the floor to help compensate!!


Yeah right if you cannot fight them join them :D If they want to be faced down who are you to tell them anything different.

Cracking legs!! And tiny tits :D
Lovely wild looking nuggets alf.
Spliff on :D


thnks mate, i will

That's a pretty nice harvest!


Thanks a lot, have a splif!!!

WOooW , they are wonderful !!
can you tell me what did you mean here :

Ready for grouming

i would like to know what you do with that parts ?


lol ... sry about that, I meant grooming ... must be something that i smoke :) i will correct it asap


oh that's ok , i thought it is a new way to use them ,i was curious to know 😂
i wonder how big cannabis plants you have ,,, yumm :>