Forgoten But Survived !!! A new life Was borned. Became alive on 18/01/2019 only to bring happiness. WISH HER LUCK! Week#1

6 months ago

Hello all...  Last week I was trimming up some leaves and "bad" buds (if something like that even exists!) from my last harvest, as I wanted to make some nice tea (soon i will post all the prosses i followed for some advise!) 

I discovered two seeds! One was really dried out but the second one looked really promising!!! i don't know what strain it is, because i had gathered and mixed all my trimming together(amature mistake). 

It can be a Girl Scout Cookie, a Royal Queen Cheese or OG Kush

... and so i dropped them in some nice fresh water and placed them on a nice shady side on my desk! Unfortunately because i was a bit... let's say... excited, i forgot to take a picture before dropping them in the water... not only that... Because i had to work for three days straight a 12hour shift, i left them floating for all this time completely forgotten!!! ( poor babies:( )

When i finally chilled out a bit and i remembered them this is what i found!

Suprise Suprise!!! The promessing one not only was alive after sitting 2 months in a pile of drying leaves without any care so ever in a really hot enviroment but she agersivly can't wait to thrive!!!!

As it was late at night and i had no clean dirt available, i removed from an old flower pot some dirt, cleaned it as well as I could, added some perlite and some nice "Easy Boost" that I bought it recently (Click here to see what's in) and i did a small "surgical" procedure trying not to harm the really sensitive stem, because now that they have grown up so much, the chances of hurting it are really high!

  • First i sprayed with fresh water the dirt so its easyier to make the hole and in general  work with it
  • Then i picked it with a pair of teasers reaaaaally gently and placed it into the hole
  • and finaly covered it carefully and and resprayed the dirt

Spray the dirt with water

Made a nice hole


And hoorey hoorey!!! 24 Hours later!!!!

A new life has borned...

Became alive on 18/01/2019 only to bring happiness

So now its a matter of time and much much love... and i hope its a girl. 

Most possible that its an OG Kush as their are really strong seeds and can take a lot of abuse! making them great from amatures growers, speaking from personal experience! Still its a bit strange and i hope really lucky to find a seed seans all my plants where from Auto and Feminized strains, that all produced nice tastefull fruits!

I would love some opinions on the matter if its a normal thing or should i worry, for next time!!!

Thank you for reading my post and i hope with my first comunity grow i will have some good results!

Stay High , Legalize It , Love my posts

  #alf5271 #stayhigh #legalizeit #seedgermination #week1 

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Nice one, best of luck growing, keep us posted with its progress 👍


Thanks. My plan is to post all the cycle

Good luck!!!


thank you :)