I need a middle name! help me! (i'm sleeping) ZzZzZzZzZz

7 months ago

Hi!, I dont' have a name for now... vah, just "Nina"
As you can see now I'm sleeping ... look at my leaves!

             Well, it's 1:20 a.m. now, and it's raining.

This picture was taken a couple of days ago...
Here you can see me wide awake, it was 6.00 a.m.

            Can you see the difference? Cause' you know... i'm alive!

You can participate in this purpose, and give me a middle name!
Remember, the first one is: Nina. . . (I'm a little Sativa)

             Do you dare to complete the second one?

Thank you for participating, now it is time to continue sleeping and dreaming of the vegetable kingdom to which I belong.

The day will come that I will give good fruits ...

 And my owner will continue to take pictures of me throughout the process.

So... my name is:
Nina (...) ?

Comment with my middle name!

#smoke #life #art #nugporn #cbd

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Wow i have never seen plant that sleep before


ohh yes.. look her leafs... are talking to you.. ever. :D you talk with your plant?

nice sleepiug mood!
stand up and sleep again ::)))


yess really nice!

Plant more man. If this turns out to be a male you are gonna be a sad grower. :)

Breeders like males though


is a female... i saw the little white hair.. pre-flower.. so. its okay.


i will make 2 plants with this one.. just faith.