Hi guys, I'm with you again, and my hemp came at the end ..

2 years ago

Yes, as I said, she looks beautiful and ripe with tons and tons of Frost and sees that she filled it, like crazy tons 

of purple water leaves eaten last week, so yes, this is the day she goes down, she feeding the Welshman The 

flash was 3 days ago, it dried out completely, as usual, it does it again.

I know what means that I maximized the use of slate, so I don't think there is anyone here who wants to be, or 

you don't use it properly, and I want people to know that I am very very good, but in any case, as I mentioned 

earlier, I am going for quality, not quantity

I hope that in the shortened video I will not have problems, otherwise I will give the highest EU figure, which is 

there, in any case, anyway.

that's all, so I think that you guys will see in the last post the dry mass of peace and happy growth

#cannabis #indica #weed #nugporn

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Terrific work. Plant looks so yummy. Enjoy it now. U have definitely deserve it. I would so like to join you. Bet the smell is overwhelming.


It is very nice. Thank you for such beautiful words ..No problems for you of course

Nice spread. Good job.


Thank so much

Ne ploxo ')



Wow!! This looks sweet.. You know i envy you now lol enjoy.


Oh, Jessica, how I love your comments😀

Great looking grow, really impressive!


Thank you very [email protected]❤️

2020 გათამაშებაგამოწერა
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🕗 გ ა თ ა მ ა შ ე ბ ა 🇬🇪
🔲მოიგე მარტივად
📌 - თამაშდება 2 ცალი Apple I10 Bluetooth ყურსასმენები 😱🤩

❗️ გათამაშების წესები კი ასეთია ☺️

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2️⃣მოიწონეთ ჩვენი გვერდი აუცილებლად
3️⃣ მოიწონეთ და გააზიარეთ 5 ჯგუფში ეს პოსტი✅
❗3.მოიწონეთ გვერდი წინააღმდეგ შემთხვევაში თქვენი ხმა არ ჩაითვლება ‼️

🔵 წესები ადვილია 🤩😉 თუ რომელიმე წესს არ შეასრულებთ ავტომატურად გამოეთიშებით თამაშს 🙂 წარმატებები 💛🥳
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