Hello friends, today is a happy day, congratulations to all and on the one hand I want to show you my masterpiece anonymously

last year

Guys. Today I visited my uncle, he earns a lot of money growing hemp, 

and he always forbade me to make videos or photos there, so I anonymously took some photos for you to show 

you this real paradise. they laugh at these beautiful and gorgeous and write hemp, I really like this place for 

me, although there was paradise, I didn’t want to go from there, but it was impossible when there was a lot of 

fun, I smoked a little there today It was really noticeable Thank you all, and you also inspire such a good day.

 I'll see you.

#indica   #cannabis #weed #photography

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Be careful with what you are doing. Even though they look amazing, you should respect his privacy and wishes...but dang that looks great..


There you are right, if he finds out, he will probably kill me😂😂 but it all looks really great.

happy day my brother in that paradise was also adam and eva hahaha, , excellent photos


There of course 😂 it depends on for who. Thank you

looks like a nice op


Yes, she really looks fantastic. Thank.

O weeee, those are some beauties. So many, so uniform - doesn't look like hemp though :)


Yeah friend he are very awesome