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11 months ago


Hello dear friends! As they say, Monday is a hard day, after the weekend. Waking up in the morning, I did all the morning procedures, had breakfast and went to work. The morning was sunny, damn the weather was good. At work, I had to leave a distance of 100 kilometers. The mood was good, I was driving listening to the radio, and I knew that I had a safe place in my place, the smoke was hidden. I specially prepared it in the evening. Upon arrival home, I wanted to smoke it right away. Hehe hehe. Things have been done and I’m going slowly home. But suddenly it began to rain, which made me accelerate. I was afraid that the smoke might get wet. But heaven was on my side, and there was no rain on my street. Hooray. It’s a wonderful day, I hope you have one too.

This moment has come, I draw in a pleasant smoke, its taste of sweet lemon with a mint aftertaste. Nice smoke. I received as a gift a lot of energy that I decided to direct to cleaning my garden.



All health and profit.

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Pass. #indica #cryptosmokers #canna-curate #life #naturalmedicine

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Hi bro. It's good that your cigarette is not wet. Smoke perfectly saves you from fatigue, especially if it is sativa.


Bro it was ak-47. Sativa will be tomorrow.

Sitting at work now reading this—envious and waiting for my turn


You are already in the forefront.


Clocking out in 30 mins! It’ll be 2pm here, I started my manic Monday as early as possible as I always get a little panicked on Sunday’ takes a lot of energy to start another whole 5 days in a sick system. But I have plans to change that! And my afternoon’s about to get a little more enlightened.

Thats so cool


Thank you!

Haha no way you stored that there for long 😂


Kept day, night put.


Haha nice one