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2 years ago

Good afternoon. Dear community!

Hello dear readers! I woke up today in a good mood, going outside - the mood has become much better. Since it was drizzling and the sun was shining, the weather was good for medicinal plants. This means you can make a second amputation of the heads, in medicinal plants. Yes, I am Kherurg.
The first surgical intervention took place here


But with a light hand, the operation was successful.. Bushes strong , which is very well gaining weight,, and soon the medicinal plants will be much larger and wider. I like smoke.


All health and profit.

Come visit me @aleksandr

Pass. #indica #canna-curate #life #cryptosmokers #cannacontest

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Ohh you have quite a few of those there...looks a bit shaded, do you get enough light hitting your spot?

Keep on growing my friend.


Lots of light, just a rainy day today .. Two of them, the other tomatoes.. That is the option of disguise..


Ohhh haha didnt notice at at first glance, true that, those are good old tomatoes :))

I think your plan worked!


Next time though you should put 2 tomatoes and the rest weed 😆


Next time, definitely.

They look amazing ..


Thanks mate.

Bro, elegant harvest you provided


We still have plenty of time.. Anything can happen there..But Yeah. Thanks bro.

Looking so amazing great work


Thanks, friends.