Night medicine.

7 months ago



Good afternoon, dear friends! Today is a beautiful, warm night. Crickets sing and heady smells of a medicinal plant. I wanted to take a little selfie of a bush, and my dear friends will share with you. I hope you enjoy it.


All health and profit.

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image (1).gif

Pass. #indica #cryptosmokers #canna-curate #life #naturalmedicine

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OMG @Alexsandr, are you sure that weed is good for you?!? Look what happened to your need to shave brother :))

Awesome Gif! :)) I wish I could upvote twice.


Thank you very much. Be sure to put myself in order.

Ill just sniff it all up When I moved to my new house I found a plant in the yard but it was damaged knowing that its not a good plant I thought ill save it anyway I keep it company in my man cave and after months its starting to look like something again ill upload a pic of it later don't want spoil the whole story in the comment section


It's okay, there are plants that look terrible, but they get intoxicating a lot.

Solid inflorescences. Great job bro


Thanks bro.

My type of meds 😁


You and I are sitting on the same medicines.

Looking awesome, nice