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Good afternoon, dear friends! I was on a business trip for work, arrived the day before yesterday. After the train ride, my body was not in good shape, my bones wanted to relax. So as soon as I entered the house, I opened the safe and took a dry medicinal bud and tissue paper. I went for treatment.


After the first breath into the lungs of magical smoke, I noticed that many of the pears that I like to kill on land after smoke was in danger. A lot of wasps flew around the tree, which spoils the pear. But I don’t know how to get rid of it. But then the last burden in my lungs and I was struck by the thought of how to withdraw the insect to another place.

Here's what a spoiled pear looks like with an insect (Wasp)

Take a small basin
Pour to the bottom of the water
And pour sugar into the water.
Insects love sugar and begin to fill the basin, wet sugar and the insect begin to adhere to sugar and solidify in it, as soon as the water dries, you need to add a little more water.

My first big catch

I made a couple of gifs how to distract insects from pears, see for yourself how everything happened, it was fun.

My catch in two days.

So now there are few harmful insects left on my pears, and they will ripen. As always, after I have smoked a medicinal plant, I will recall an interesting story about how I caught insects and will regale myself with a delicious, juicy pear. But you have to be careful with these insects. Their bite is dangerous.


All health and profit.

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wasps are nasty 🤮


I agree.

Once I was bitten by such a game.
It's a hell of a pain


Yes, the toy is serious.

That's a nice little trick to get rid of those little bastards.


Thank you!