Flower smoke.

8 months ago

Hello dear friends! Today I did all my work early and decided to rest. I took a good joint with a strain of a medicinal plant (sativa) and started smoking it. I did this in the front garden, and this is what I noticed. The day before yesterday I removed a bush of a mature medicinal plant; I made an article https://smoke.io/grow/@aleksandr/this-hour-has-come, the bush was six months old, normal plant growth began in spring and late autumn, and I saw a flower that was just starting to grow (live), although not for long. In general, under medicinal plants I like to think. See for yourself how the edelweiss bud (Home variety) breaks through the earth's crust, while many other plants have long receded.


I feel normal working, I took a watering hose and started watering the flowers, I like to do this, especially under medicinal plants. I showed different colors on my blog, today I will share a couple more photos. Winter is coming soon so my flowers in 2019 can be said.


By the way, from the south, he brought in spring seedlings (Kiwi) and planted them in a pot. One recently withered, and this one grows with fruits, I often experiment with southern plants. And often successfully.Friends, I spent a couple of hours in a good harmony of colors and in a cheerful mood, which I also wish for you.


All health and profit.

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Beautiful. There is nothing more beautiful then the nature itself. Being natural is the most beautiful thing. You can see the art-work of God in it.


I agree

It is great to use all in natural. This will also help preserve our mother earth.

Thanks for sharing☘️☘️☘️