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9 months ago

Hello dear friends! Since spring I have been posting articles on how I grew medicinal plants. Today I want to summarize my work. Three plants will be presented, in my opinion the best.

I will give the third place to the medicinal plant strain `` Afghanistan ''

The effect of smoke is a strong THC of 25%, the duration of the product is long, it relaxes the body and anesthetizes muscle pains in the joints, if any. The taste of smoke is pleasant, light. Such smoke does not cause coughing.

2 months ago


The second place I will give the medicinal plant strain hybrid "Chameleon"


This medicinal plant grew very beautiful thanks to the garter of its buds. Its width was 1.60 meters by 1.20 meters. The buds on this plant changed their color every month. The hairs also changed their color from pink to yellow. In September, however, the buds fully ripened. Interesting plants. THC 20%, Smoke has a very buttery taste and is mild at one time. It smokes nicely. After smoking, you feel a desire to work, do something useful, does not have the property of drowsiness. How to cook this variety is intended for smoking during the day.


I will give first place to my beloved medicinal plant my beloved princess

Friends, what can I say about this medicinal bush, its dimensions are impressive 2.60 meters in height and many, many, many fragrant buds. THC is very strong, to be honest, a beginner needs to smoke these plants with caution (without exaggeration). The smoke is very tasty but heavy, after a couple of puffs of smoke into the lungs a cough is provided. The oils settle heavily on the lungs, but then you will find a long immersion in an immobilized state. the final coming is a good dream.


All health and profit.

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Happy harvest dear!