Autumn smoke

9 months ago

Hello dear friends, today I want to share with you photos of beautiful buds of my medicinal plant strain `` Afghanistan. '' I cut the bush for a long time, I did a review about it. But I left a couple, not large lower branches with small buds for the experiment. Look what happened.

In my opinion, the experiment turned out to be successful. The buds became beautiful and oily.

This happened a month and a half, these small buds grew at a very high speed, the stem gave them a lot of strength. And at the moment, the leaves during morning frosts are still light green. The smell is very fresh with a frosty stickiness that pierces your nose with its aroma, friends can not convey in words how pleasantly the buds smell. In the fall, they become very beautiful. Frankly, I am writing this article under the euphoria of this medicinal plant, I feel very good. He-he.

Friends, the effect of these medicinal buds is very strong. Smoke makes you think much better, think, I have gone through all the muscle pains, all the fatigue that has accumulated over the day has disappeared. And after two hours of a good flight, a sound sleep sets in. I like to smoke such awesome smoke, I wish you the same.


All health and profit.

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Great pictures and grow.

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