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Got landrace?

I've been trying to get my hands on some landrace stuff from Swaziland, but this is rather tough considering much of the genetics in the modern day Swaziland growing scene is composed of mixed genetics. There are pure Sativa's still left on the black market today so I thought I'd pay a friend a visit who decided to grow out some seeds from a pure Sativa from Swaziland. This is close to landrace as you are gonna get without organizing a trip to Swaziland.

Here are some pics:

Check the stem on this baby:

What are landraces?

More about AfricaSeeds:

Here is a promo piece @mbj did for our strainly profile.

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It is very important that you guys try to keep those landraces, if not they will disappear and finding pure sativas is getting harder and harder.I love to see a grow diary of an outdoor sativa ;-)


Think they might end up pollinated by bees if grown outside?


am not an outdoor expert, but that I know of that wouldn't be a problem, what would be a problem is having a male from strain A close to females from other strains as a little wind would bring the pollen to them, when breeding is good to keep strains separated, but that I know the little amount a bee would bring won´t really matter. Maybe someone else can tell us about it ;-)