O.G Kush Seed Germination

last year

I have my A.C.M.P.R. Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations... gotta Love Canada
The ACMPR allows us Canadians to purchase medicinal cannabis from a licensed producer and grow our personal supply of medicinal cannabis, or designate someone to grow for us, its pretty cool.
The only set back is waiting for these licensed producers to start selling the clones or seeds so i decided to purchase the seeds myself from DNA. The strain i picked was O.G. kush

P.H water 6.0 total darkness at room temperature took about 3 days

Next i transplanted into pots using PROMIX HP great soil! thumbnail_20180316_085533.jpg thumbnail_20180316_090106.jpg

I got them under a 300w LED light in a 2x3 tent while im building my perfect little grow-room
thumbnail_20180316_091952.jpg thumbnail_20180316_092006.jpg

Perfect temp Perfect humidity :) here is what they looked like couple weeks later


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Can you only grow Cannabis at home if you have a card in Canada now that it is legal?


Your aloud 4 plants per house hold anyone over 18-19 years old can with no prescription different age in each province or you get a prescription and registered with Health Canada 🇨🇦 and they give you a plant count approximately 5 plants per gram witch you can grow at home or anywhere else with the landlords consent


4 plants is def doable. Love learning about what Canada is doing to pave the way.

Nice looking grow man, I also grow in a 2x3 for now with leds but I got mine stuffed full tho.

Welcome to smoke man glad to see fellow Canadians as well eh 🤣


Thanks for the warm welcome 🙏 much appreciate @skylinebuds

I got about 300 Seeds for Free from Dana Larsen (Vancouver BC). 10 % CBD, 1 % THC and then bought a bunch more with High THC over on Steemit.com. They make great Christmas, and Birthday Gifts.


Thanks for the info I’m going to check it out on steemit.com 😀 It’s very nice to see more and more people using CBD these days 👊🏻😉


I have a prescription from Http://www.CannTrust.ca Best LP weed in Canada. No one else come close.


I started off with tilray and tweed but i believe in growing your own!!!

nice strain mike, soon they will fill all that space


I like DNA seeds always had a great outcome one of my favourites is the Holy grail