Mothers and Cuttings

5 months ago


There are two ways to start cannabis, seed or clone. usually you geminate couple seeds grow them out . once you have found your favourite one make her a mother.
Mother plants are kept in a vegetative stage as clones are repeatedly cut from her .when you take clones from your mother all the clones will be pretty much the same, they will grow the same taste the same that kind of thing. there are also many ways to cut clones everyone has there own ways whats ever works for the individual i guess, me easiest most forgiving way i do is in domes with jiffy pucks little rooting gel make sure i have perfect humidity and temparature in the dome now you need low light like a shop light with cool blue blubs and you should have root couple weeks one tip i have is really make sure your mother is kept healthy the healthier the mother the more success you will have with your cuttings, roots will come faster Heres some pictures of my mothers and clones
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Will a mother grow indefinitely in the vegetative stage if kept with proper nutrients and light schedule? Also, what medium are you using for your clones in the pictures?


yes keep your mother under 18 hours lights on 6 hours lights off she will veg forever lol the medium is a jiffy puck you get them at your local hydroponic grow store soak them in balanced ph water


Sweet. Thanks for the answer. There is always more to learn and I really appreciate the feedback.

they look very nice !!!


thank you!

Fantastic. Upsmoked and resmoked ....


much appreciated :)

Oh wow! Such a honor to have you use the canna-curate tag! Your grow skills are top notch, and those clones are very healthy. I clone myself, but nor from mother, I just take cuttings off a plant before flower, which is how I keep the cycle going.


Oh yes that’s a great idea also 👍🏻 What ever works just keep them going the worst is having a pheno flowering and no clone to keep the strain

Beautiful clones, have you ever tried with coco coir?


Yes i have, Coco is great! i feel that i water a little more but seems to grow faster


Awesome, yes they need water like all the time :)