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2 years ago

Here’s is a little sneak peek of my grow room ill be using to grow my own medication here in Toronto Ontario Canada (great city). I have my ACMPR which allows me to grow and consume my own medication. I choose to convert my basement into my grow space as it’s out of the way and not really anybody goes down there. Out of sight, out of mind.
I have had my ACMPR for a good while now, but after 1 year it is up for renewal. Also, with an address change, I had to apply again. While I waited for Health Canada to receive, process and approve my application, I spent a lot of work setting up the ultimate grow space.
The basement was just an open space. I put up walls and hung a door. I needed a smaller room inside that room where I can grow my mothers and clones so I built a couple more walls and another smaller door. This room has to be sealed tight with absolutely no light leaking because the rooms are on two different light cycles.
Covering the walls, ceiling and floor within the grow room was fun. The first layer was poly, used mostly for smell and noise. On top of the poly I placed a highly reflective material we refer to as white and black. This material increases the reflectiveness of the room, in turn helping the plants capture more light for their growth.
To provide constant air circulation and fresh air to my grow room I used an 6-inch intake fan. Fresh air circulation is important for plants to remain healthy. Oscillating fans work well to circulate air around the room while heavier-duty inline fans work well to bring in the fresh air and keep your heat down.
I used MH bulbs in vegetative stage and HPS bulbs for flowering, with a 1000w ballast. All had to be wired by code. I ran them on 240v to save some money on the hydro bill. When running the lights like this it is half the cost and if you run you flowering room after 7pm its also half the cost.
To exhaust the grow room, I used an 8-inch fan and filter combo. This is great for smell and helps control my humidity levels.

Be sure you have access to a water source that is close. I use a 55g drum and the old pump and hose trick. I got a nice wand on the end helps out my back.
I’m growing in soil promix hp works great and very forgiving. I’m just using black trays on the floor with 1 and a half gallon pots. I’m going to put more plants under the lights so I won’t have to veg as long.

So, there’s my finished grow space and now with my ACMPR certificate in hand, I’m ready to get some plants in the ground. Let’s do this. Stay tuned for updates on the progress from start to finish.
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Wow we are set for growing now


yes, I'm so excited to start a fresh new project! Everythings nice and clean. One of the most important rules is being clean in the grow room :)

That is a 10 out of 10 space, nice, clean, secure.....can't wait to see what comes out from there. Is it for personal or commercial purposes? just out of curiosity what are the requirements in Canada for the ACMPR ??

There is a legalization project in the Spanish parliament based on the Canadian one, that's why am curious

Well done mate!!!


Thx mang👊🏻 Everything is personal. In Canada 🇨🇦 if you have your prescription for cannabis that you get from your doctor you can register with Health Canada and get the ACMPR witch allows you a plant count and to grow in your primary residence. It’s a lot cheaper 😎


Thanks mate, how does it work? is the doctor the one that decides how many plants you can have?


The doctors tell you how many grams you can have on the prescription then Health Canada allows about 5 plants per gram



You put in some major work on this so far. Nice attention to detail on the electric!


Thank you yeah I wired it up myself then just had a master electrician come sign off

We got amateurs and now professionals on here now! Nice


Haha far from professional but I try 😀

Wow. You have taken care of every single detail. I never knew that cannabis cultivation needs that much work.


It can but it doesn't have to have as much work. But as you get better and better at it, many like to upgrade their grow systems.

One day one of my spare rooms will be used for a better grow room. Right now I am waiting on my tent to arrive so I can move my grow from my closet into a tent.


I have a couple tents as well they work great 👍🏻

Wow, that's a proper grow room that! Nice one, keep us posted on your future grows 👍


thank you i will forsure

wow dude you did great work i like you room i wished it was mine :)))
take care on your room, ive seen much grow rooms but this is one of the nicest!
you get an resmoke!
peace harimabadl


If you want it you shall get it one day

Wow - That is awesome. You are going to get a lot of Quality Bud out of that Room.

This is lovely i wish i have the money to set this up! what is the cost estimate for this?


I spent about $5000 so far that includes material and gear

Wow! That is an amazing grow room you are building! Anxious to see the weeds growing in there.


Thx a lot

Epic work mate!
How long did you build it?
I think you have all perfectly done...
I would like to know the equipment which will you use...
Smoke on!

Awesome, absolutely awesome. Very nice growroom.


Thanks a lot

Wow looks fantastic, like a dream to me, you planed everything straight! That's a true grow room :)
keep posting please

Wow that is Awesome. You are going to get a lot of Quality Bud out of that room.