My First Ever Cannabis Grow : First Update

5 months ago


So i finally got the plants and Started my first Grow.

From where i got them ?

Here :

I am new in this business and need a lot of help and instructions from you guys. Feel free to correct me where you think i am not doing it right.

Wish me good luck. Thanks.

#firstgrow #cannabis 

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Maybe you should watering more now and use a stick and clean the pot, let me see the soil


It had been drizzling for 4, 5 hours now and i think they got enough water. But yes, i should had used a stick to support them. Thanks. I'll do that now. And There are actually dead leaves and fertilizers(animal waste) that someone told me to put in the pot for better growth.

Ok i agree they don't look happy at their new owner home.



Don't be. I believe they'll grow. They may just get a hard time starting up but plants tend to show this kind of behaviour whenever their habitat is changed.
I am actually very excited and have been checking on them every 20, 30 minutes.

do them pots have drainage in them? They look quite wet and maybe just need to take to the new pots


lt drizzled for around 5, 6 hours before i made the snaps. The drainage system is there but because of that continuous rain it is keeping them wet. I have put them in a place where, once the weather comes to normal then they'll receive 12 hours sunlight and 12 hours shade(This is what i am told to do)