My First Cannabis Grow : Weekly update 02

4 months ago

Ok i am having trouble making my first grow successful, Earlier i thought that its because of the change in the habitat of these plants that is causing them to not grow properly but after a week or so it'll be fine.
But after a week, the plants have shown no positive signs and so i decided to share the progress with the community and ask for some help.
The first day pics are here :

Please check these plants after 1 week.

No signs of life.

3 out of the 4 plants are almost dead, thats what i think looking at them but the 4th plant, the bigger one is still having some life in it.
Its leaves are getting yellowish, i don't know why. May be that was the reason the other 3 died.

The issues that i think can be.

  1. When i planted them here in my home, it was raining and i thought that it'll be good for them and i let them in the rain and they got more water then needed. The weather has been cloudy for the whole week and they haven't got proper sunlight, so could this be the problem ??

  2. I put animal dung as the fertilizer and that too in good quantity, can that also affect the plant negatively ?

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Looks like they don't like the soil much at all ... dung needs time to compost. Check the soil Ph and a baby plant like that isn't hardy, it can dry out or burn easily also, needs really to be nursed before placing in a great big planter pot like that


So what should i do now ?


You should buy some nutritional soil for the next grow, it doesn't look too welcoming for plant life


plants don’t like fresh dung

Too much water and animal dung may have been too strong and could have burnt the roots.

First issue is that planter i bet than it looks like it is just ground dirt nothing spacial and that might not be good at all


Well, actually the sand/dirt has been growing other stuff earlier. I mean i had been using these pots for vegetables, rubber plant and some flowers growth. So i thought that it would be ok by keeping the same sand.
But i'll change it with the next growth.

The things that i am planning to do in the next growth,

  1. Change the mud completely
  2. will use some nutritional soil as advise by indica.
  3. Won't water them that much.
    Any other points i should take care of ?

I am going to guess the biggest issue was over water and no not enough place to drain.


The weather was also not on my side. It kept raining for 2, 3 days and even the rest of the days, there were clouds and no proper sunlight. They haven't got a single proper sunny day since their shifting.


Yeah that really sucks when mother nature is not with you