My cannabis Grow - Another Try

in #grow
3 months ago

Hi Friends.

Just took some time off of my job and brought some plants (again) from my uncle and planted them in the pots.

Trying to avoid the mistakes that i made last time.









Unlike the last time, when the weather was against me and it rained too much and probably caused the plants to die, weather is much more pleasant now and hopefully i'll have a good grow.

I'll keep you guys update about the grow, if it becomes successful.

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Good luck, them posts look like they are full of sand and have no way fornwater to drain


I have taken care of water drainage this time. Even if that don't looks like that still there won't a drainage issue this time.

No seeds yet? Yeah if that hasn't arrive they have either got loss or got confiscated some where along the way


Yep. No seeds yet. I think that because of the poor post system here in my country they got lost. I don't think they are that good to check them and confiscate but the poor system has caused their loss. Anyway thanks for your effort. I am now trying to find local source. I have found source of plants and i am hopeful that i'll be able to grow from them but even if they don't grow i'll manage some seeds locally also.


maybe one day out of the blue they will show up. You never know, I did package them in plastic to try to keep them safe so maybe they will arrive eventually.. Stranger things have happened.