Cannabis in my Village. My first Cannabis related Activity

4 months ago

How i Got here into the Cannabis 

I am basically a newbie in this field. I am into cryptocurrencies for the last 2 years and was looking for a Steemit like network to become part of it in early stages so as to become an early adopter of it to make the most out of it.

Why i Joined Smoke ?

It was totally accidental. I was here considering it to be another steemit but after spending sometime i actually  started liking it here. But wasn't still into cannabis. Then after reading a lot of posts and gaining a lot of very good information, i planned to actually try it and decide it for myself instead of just taking the words of anyone.

So now the problem was where to get the seeds or plants as i was new in this fields with no links. I asked a few friends, on and off smoke network. On the smoke network i found a very sweet friend @technosgirl, who actually sent me some seeds. She sent them all by her own, used her own money to pay the expenses and everything. I was actually surprised that there are people who can do all this for you without asking for anything in return. Though the seeds haven't made it yet to me because of the bad mail system of my country and might need another 2, 3 months before arriving to me.

While waiting for the seeds i also started looking for alternate sources also and found out that an uncle of mine is a regular grower of cannabis but the grow is in the village so i went there and found out the beautiful grow there. Here are some pics of that.

I am now going to take some small plants from these and will take them with me and will start my own cultivation. I hope it works.

Oh, and i don't know how many types are there in cannabis and which one this one is. So if you guys can tell me more about this, i would very much appreciate that.

#firstgrow #smoke #cannabis

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