The Glass Collection Begins

2 years ago

Smoking through glass bongs and water pipes is my preferred method of consuming flower. I have always had a decent bubbler or tube, but I never let my collection get out of hand as I lived in non cannabis friendly states. 

There was no point in investing in top shelf glass. If caught by the state sponsored thugs, the beautiful works of art would simply be destroyed. 

But now I live in Colorado and I plan to make my dream glass collection a reality.

The collection is already growing! I have added both Nucleus pieces in the last 2 months. (I bought them brand new on and paid in BTC 👍)


- 18" Nucleus inline tube with an 8-arm tree perc (Phire chandelier ash-catcher)

- Nucleus matrix bong with a bent neck ( Nucleus matrix ash-catcher with recycler) 

- Simba fritted disk bong with bent neck. 

These pictures are ok, I need to clean the glass and do a proper photo-shoot! Stay tuned!

& Stay lifted,

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I sadly gave away my entire glass collection right before I joined and I fully regret it 😭


Oh snap! Do you plan to rebuild your collection?


Idk yet! To be completely honest, I want to stop smoking all together, but idk when/if that’ll happen.

So maybbbbbe one day I’ll have a bunch of nice dab glass!