Who is General?

2 years ago



Morning fellow smokers!

Another day here in Slovenia where we're facing bad weather and there's nothing much to do other than chill. So, I'll take this chance to introduce to Y'all my wonderful little devil, General. After finding this old photo of him posing with a bud I started thinking about how high was he actually at that moment?!? Do cats get high from being around fumes?:) Well if that's the case General must be on the moon for the most part of the day. Recently he had some health issues and was forced to stay inside but fortunately is now a lot better. He'll be 3 years old next year in April, time flies...


When I moved to the countryside I didn't know people here and was bored to my a** at first, so my mom brought General once when on a visit, to keep me company and to bring some new excitement to my life. Boy was I excited, cleaning poop, picking up things, trying to find my weed bag... It was not cool at all haha. We got through it tho, later on, I got to know that General doesn't hear anything, he is deaf and that explains a lot when it comes to his goofy behavior at times. We have our ups and downs like most pets and owners do but he's now part of the family.

Okay peeps, Y'all now know who General is:) I hope Y'all had a great start to the week, all the best to everyone!


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Cool cat.. My dog is going deaf and blind and is also now pretty classic at times. . . Like walking into the wall in the dark passage on the way back from the walk into our flat. :D


Thanks man:=) Sorry to hear about your dog, age is a MF. Pardon my language:)

My friend's puppy got hit by a car just a few days ago and the poor thing died shortly after, it sucks. We need to keep an eye on them as much as possible when near streets and stuff