The Galaxy: The complete Cannabis strains map - in 3D

2 years ago

Phylos Galaxy is the flagship project of the US Plant Genetics Laboratory, which presents the global cannabis strains map in a dynamic and 3D way.

Phylos Bio Science is a company that holds a genetic laboratory of plants and is engaged in the study of Cannabis strains from around the world.On the basis of a vast database collected by the laboratory, the company has built a dynamic map called the Galaxy , which lists the names of thousands of Cannabis starins from 80 countries.The map, presented in 3D, is part of a project called 'The Evolution of Cannabis', which has been going on for nearly two years by Rob Desalle, a lecturer and plant geneticist at the American Museum of Natural History.Each 'star' in the galaxy represents one kind of cannabis plant. The distance between 'stars' represents how close or far apart they are genetically. The colors represent families and varieties."Thousands of samples of ancient and modern cannabis have been collected from all over the world and are the foundations on which the galaxy you see is built," explain the authors, who also offer samples of cannabis species added to the map.According to the company, thousands of samples of cannabis plants were collected over the course of two years, which were divided according to their genetic character and plant DNA.

"We plotted the connections between the three-dimensional varieties using the PCA technique  , a well-known statistical method in the field of genetic characterization, and then we created the interactive visualizes in a way never before," they explain.The goal of the project, according to the company, is "to know how cannabis evolved, its history and how it spread with the help of humans.""We want to know how cannabis dominates evolution and to understand in depth the complex diversity of hybrid species," they added. "We are investigating where they came from, why they are so different and what makes each one unique.""The most important thing is that consumers and patients can finally know what they are getting," explains Carolyn White of Phyllos. "Few realize that sites like Leafly ( Leafly ) are not accurate at all, because their platform puts the names of varieties are fixed and uniform. For example, if you're looking for 'OG Kush' and find it in three different stores, it could be three different things. There is no way to know. It's a complete mess that only DNA tests can solve. ""We in Phyllos have the world's largest gene pool of Cannabis species," White continues."Our scientists examined and characterized the DNA of each 'strain' that came to us, and then compared each of them to a different species family to get the exact location on the map. Because of the complexity of this analysis we have created a three-dimensional map. ""Nicknames are unreliable," she concludes, "but DNA is. An inconsistency in cannabis strains is one of the biggest problems in the field. For consumers, this is an important issue if they want to have the same effect. "To view the galaxy click here

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